Hi there, I’m Cynthia.

10 things about me

01// 我是一個來自台灣的島民 – I am an islander from Taiwan

02// 我有一位來自異鄉的另一半 -My other half is an outlander

03// 享受旅遊也愛待在家 – I enjoy travelling as much as staying at home

04// 我是芋頭和栗子控 – I am a sucker for taro and chestnut

05// 我永遠不會放棄 “自由"- One thing I will not give up: FREEDOM

06// 插畫是我的夢想也是興趣 – Being an illustrator is my dream and passion

07// 喜歡狗還是貓? 我一定選狗!- I am definitely a dog person

08// 曖昧又低調的色系最能代表我 – muted colors represent me the best

09// 運動和下廚是我的紓壓良方 – Work out and cooking help me destress

Last but not least, I am a child of God.

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